About Us

“Tribola Moto” is an established Leader on the Bulgarian market in the sale of this type of products. We have many years of experience in selling this type of vehicle in Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania and Switzerland. These products have proven quality, reliability and security in the European market.

“Tribula Moto” was the first to present this type of PTV (personal transport) on the Bulgarian market. Thanks to the Originality and the strength of these products, we have been able to gain the trust of our customers and they even recommend us to other people interested in this type of products.

With the development and progress of time, there have been 2-3 companies in the Bulgarian market that sell Bad and Poor fake products. They are Uploading pictures of Original Products to their sites, and the delivery of the product shows the poor performance of a fake product. They give a Warranty of 3 to 6 months and no spare parts are available for them. And after all these “Good Conditions” … the disappointment remains only for the Client !!!

That is why all the professional pictures of our products are made with the logo of “Tribula Moto”. This avoids “fake” company to use our images and image of our Original Products !!! Tribula Moto products have a 2 year warranty and after warranty service. Offers only and only Spare parts for

“Tribula Moto”

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The smiles of our clients are our greatest advertising !!!

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